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-About the creator-

My name is Danielle G. Maxine, better known as DaniOnMars.

I'm an animatior and artist and I make weird cartoons and such. I'm currently making a

cartoon called "Birdboys". This comic really is just a little fun side project

that I enjoy doing. I'm glad my friends and others are enjoying it.

ok check out my youtube channel or die c:<

-About the comic-

I made this comic out of sheer boredom. One day, in school, I was bored, so I made it.

The comic isn't really supposed to be funny, just dumb. Somehow though, people find it

funny and I think that's pretty rad. I initally came up with the two main characters in

really weird ways. Rock was created because I was trying to draw Tessie from EarthBound.

I was using a mouse, so it ended up looking really weird, but then I kinda took a liking to it.

Then I just decided, fuck it, I'm really bored, I'll make a comic or something. So I did.

The comic was initially titled "Boring Webcomic", hell, you can still see this in the

filenames of all the comics (bc1, bc2, etc...). I then decided to change it because

the name was really uninspiring and ironically, boring.

The name then became "Las Vegas Adventure" because of Comic #2's main joke.

It was kinda popular among my friends so I decided to change it to that.